How to Firm Up Saggy Breasts?

How to Firm Up Saggy Breasts?

Sagging breasts is a major concern for women because they certainly define a significant portion of women beauty. Firm and well-shaped breasts is a quality that everyone loves – men or women! Men love them, women feel jealous! Breast shape and size are more of genetic in nature and hence, it may be difficult to change their visual appearance. Sagginess however is not genetic. There are several reasons why breasts become saggy. Some of these reasons include:

  • Breast feeding.
  • Pregnancy and child birth.
  • Age.
  • Smoking.
  • Gravity.

The Myth: There is a common notion among women that their breasts sag because of excessive pressing by their boyfriends or husbands. This is not true. Breasts can sag only due to one or multiple reasons mentioned above.

How to Firm Up Saggy Breasts

Now the big question – “How to firm up saggy breasts?” There are several methods that can be used and one of them is surgery. This however is not recommended because of the expenses involved and also because of the possible side effects. The best way to firm up saggy breasts is to go for exercises that are targeted towards breast-supporting muscles on the chest. Here are some of the exercises that you can use to regain the perkiness of your youthful days:

Flap your Wings to Firm up Saggy Breasts

How to Firm Up Saggy Breasts

For this you will need dumbbells. Get yourself a pair of dumbbells anywhere between 1 to 5 pounds each. The weight you select should be comfortable. Grab one in each hand and let your hands hang down naturally. Now lift your hands sidewise until your hands are parallel to the ground. This is possible only when your hands are at your shoulder height. Hold your hands in that position for about 30 seconds and now bring them down to hanging position. Repeat for 20 times to complete 1 set. You need to complete 3 sets a day. This is similar to a bird flapping its wings. The muscles behind your breasts are strengthened by this exercise and when you lay down on your back, your breasts will not slip to the sides.

Arm Resistance to Firm up Saggy Breasts

How to Firm Up Saggy Breasts

Stand and fold your hands in a way that the palms face and touch each other. Put in simple words, fold your hands in a praying position. However, make sure that your arms stay parallel to the floor, i.e. your elbows are outwards and not downwards. Now press your palms against each other as hard as you can and stay that way for 10 seconds. Release the pressure and repeat for 20 times. 20 counts make one set. Complete 3 sets a day. This will prevent sagging of breasts and if breasts are already saggy, they will get a lift and slowly become firm.

Pushups to Firm up Saggy Breasts

How to Firm Up Saggy Breasts

A bit difficult but pushups are extremely effective in giving breasts a forward thrust by toning and enlarging the muscles behind and surrounding the breasts. Most women do pushups in a wrong way. Make sure that your hips are not high up in the air. Rather there should be a smooth slope as shown in the image below.

Bench Press to Firm up Saggy Breasts

How to Firm Up Saggy Breasts

This is also about lifting weights. However, make sure that you use only that much weight that you are comfortable with. This exercise is also designed to tone and enlarge the breast-supporting muscles while providing a forward push to the breasts. Use an inclined bench. Take a weight in each hand and lift them in air. Now bring down the weights to the level of your chest and then slowing lift them up and bring them down again. Continue this for 10 times to complete one set. Complete 3 sets in a day. If you have saggy breasts, they will soon become firm and regain the perkiness of your youthful days!

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